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Martin Swanne - Kitchen Maestro

‘I’ve always believed a business should be run with a generosity of spirit and a lot of goodwill – and KewStone has all that in abundance! Without fail, I get a buzz from each new scheme I work on and I thrive on the challenge to come up with the very best solution that meets our client’s design and budget targets in every last detail.


‘In my view, a kitchen’s not just for cooking’ it’s the heart of a living home: a place to dine in, watch TV, or help the kids with homework… Together with my team, I keep all those facets in mind and strive to create an ideal space for entertaining that’s also a peaceful retreat, perfect for leisurely browsing the papers on a laid-back Sunday morning…’


‘Passionate’ is a much-overused word, but there really is no other way to describe the way KewStone founder Paul Hewitt feels about tiles. In fact he’s more than happy to be affectionately nicknamed a ‘Tile Geek’ by his KewStone colleagues and his Europe-wide network host of tile manufacturing contacts.


‘I suppose I am a bit of a tile geek really! After years of installing tiles in bathrooms and kitchens, I felt there was a lack of quality in the products available and those available were unaffordable. I found myself scouring Europe for factories producing interesting and authentic tiles, building up a network of contacts as I went… And I was instantly hooked.


‘Eight years on, that process has turned out to be invaluable for KewStone… It means we can suggest and source genuinely unique designs for our customers – offering the same or similar products usually at a fraction of the price you’d expect to pay in the more rarefied designer kitchen and bathroom shops…


‘…You could say I’m on a mission to prove that you really can get exquisite products for kitchens and bathrooms at affordable prices. That’s why so many of our customers are professional builders, architects and kitchen designers…’


Paul Hewitt – Founder and Tile Connoisseur