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With over 100 different styles of kitchens and many further colours, this range offers an extensive spectrum of kitchens.

KewStone Kitchens’ range from the sleek minimalist Italian cosmopolitan creations, to the cosy, earthier French farmhouse feel. to the solid wood, hand painted and finished ‘English Revival’ range – with many more in between.


The KewStone Kitchens’ design team is led by Martin Swanne, who is every bit as relentless and uncompromising in kitchen design, as Paul Hewitt is with tiles…

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Solid wood shaker kitchens, hand finished and often truly bespoke.


A traditional painted solid wood kitchen dressed with a contemporary look.



Typical Italian sleek minimalism. From the Gloss handleless to the neutral matt finish.  Mixed designs with many more textures and colours for the adventurous.